The promises of our children

On August 3 Now + There visited Summer Paint Nights, a program of MassArt's Center for Art and Community Partnerships' (CACP) spark! ArtMobile and Project R.I.G.H.T at the Melnea Cass Recreation Center in Roxbury with a preview of PUBLIC TRUST

Public Trust performer and CACP artist Chanel Thervil joined us and asked children, "What promise would you like to make that you can keep?" and we introduced the concepts put forward by artist Paul Ramirez Jonas: what does this promise mean and how will you keep it? 

And it is true, kids say the darnedest things and we bet their parents would like to hold them accountable to a few of these promises! Here's a sampling from both kids and adults: 

  • I promise to love more
  • I promise to listen
  • I promise to eat more politely
  • I promise to try new things
  • I promise to have a good life.
  • I promise to be a WWE wrestler, yeah
  • I promise to love more than I hate
  • I promise to set reasonable goals
  • I promise to love my family
  • I promise to live humbly, heartily and holistically.

We look forward to returning next week!