Partners in Building Public Trust

Paul Ramirez Jonas' ambitious three-location interactive project Public Trust is an artwork by and for people–and it takes many to bring this project together. From artists, ambassadors, and volunteers to community partners, property owners, and funders, Now + There is thankful for the support and enthusiasm of many individuals and organizations helping to make Public Trust a reality! Please join us in celebrating the folks who make it happen:

We're thrilled to continue our relationship with the Dudley Branch of the Boston Public Library, which hosts Public Trust in Dudley Square (Sat Aug 27–Fri Sept 2). The Dudley Branch was instrumental in making Faces of Dudley a community artwork and we're grateful for their continued enthusiasm.

September 3–10, Cambridge Arts, Kendall Square Association, and Boston Properties are our Public Trust partners in Kendall Center. Boston Properties is donating space for Public Trust to live in for the week and was our host for Faces of Boston. Cambridge Arts, one of the first arts agencies in the country, provides quality arts programming to Greater Cambridge residents all year long. The Kendall Square Association is dedicated to making this neighborhood nexus of innovation a livable place and vibrant community that welcomes to projects like Public Trust.

The Boston Parks Department hosts Public Trust in Copley Square, site of the nation's first publicly funded library, September 11-17. The Parks Department maintains open and safe places for Bostonians to explore and create, and we love having Public Trust on a tiny piece of park land.

Thank you also to our friends at the Boston Art Commission, the agency charged with enriching Boston communities through transformative public artworks, who have been advising us since the beginning.

Early this winter, Grand Central Art Center (Santa Ana, CA) hosted Ramirez Jonas for a residency where he tested Public Trust inside the gallery with three different approaches. We're grateful to the Director and Chief Curator John Spiak, and all the folks who stopped by First Saturdays, for helping shape the project. Get a glimpse of their promises here.

Public Trust is generously supported by the Lewis Family Foundation, which believes that our communities grow stronger through artistic expression.

Additional support is provided by generous citizens like you! Please consider donating to bring more socially engaged artworks like Public Trust to Greater Boston. It feels good, and with our swag, you'll look good, too!