New Codes: Public Art for Boston in 2019

It’s clear: old, staid, exclusionary ways of seeing and experiencing art are collapsing and we can’t ignore that it is time to forge new precedents for the who, what, where, and why of public art. It’s time to define New Codes.

This year Now + There is responding by instigating distinctive, contemporary forms of public art that bring joy to our shared spaces and spark new ways of building togetherness. We’re committed to amplifying voices of those who have been, and continue to be, systemically excluded from our arts ecosystem and generating more inclusive, equitable art experiences.

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Photo by Faith Ninivaggi

Photo by Faith Ninivaggi

Nick Cave
On View through April 2020

Augment by internationally-acclaimed artist Nick Cave is a singular artwork, an exuberant social experience, and a call for Boston to come together in public and cultivate joy across the city. Created as an open question “what brings you joy?” this multi-faceted project asks us to reflect on the power of the individual versus the collective and on the difference between happiness and joy as a means to confront a time fraught with division.

Growth Rings

Oscar tuazon
on view through april 2020

Growth Rings by Oscar Tuazon creates a grounding space for contemplation and respite on Boston’s waterfront at Central Wharf Park. Produced by Now + There and guest curated for this site by Pedro Alonzo, Growth Rings recognizes our interconnectivity with trees, celebrates the cycles of life, and seeks to foster harmony in our contemporary urban landscape.

“Trees need us now more than ever, nature is dependent on us and we need to safeguard it.”
— Pedro Alonzo, Guest Curator

Breathe Life 3

rob “problak” gibbs
on view through 2020

Roxbury-native Problak (Rob Gibbs) comes home with Breathe Life 3 a new mural at 808 Tremont Street. Representing happiness, hope, blackness, and kinship this is one of Rob’s largest works to date and incorporates his strong graffiti sensibility. Breathe Life brings visual encouragement to the neighborhood and radiates positivity.

The need to place positive messaging in the community is just more than standing on a soapbox...when I [first] did “Breathe Life”, it was just a calling. It came from me wanting to talk to people and suggesting, instead of downplaying something, how about you breathe life into it?
— Rob Gibbs

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Patterned Behavior


Silvia López Chavez
Through september 2019

Silvia López Chavez was given the creative freedom to re-imagine a utilitarian concrete environment into one that sparks new connections with a bright, striking mural that echoes the beauty, diversity, and energy of The Charles River Esplanade and of Boston. Patterned Behavior was commissioned by the Esplanade Association and curated and produced by Now + There.

>> Located on the Charles River Esplanade near the Mass Ave. Bridge. 

The Charles River Esplanade is a place where many people and many things intersect and can connect in meaningful ways. That really speaks to me, since I am always striving to create art that builds connections.
— Silvia López Chavez

Art for Our Common Home 2018

In 2018 Now + There presented eight thought-provoking projects exploring themes of responsibility and power, memory and recorded history, and the use and enjoyment of our common spaces. Watch and see how we are sparking change in Boston.