Learning From Our Communities Wrap-Up

Learning From Our Communities is a simple, small community engagement project we initiated for the Emerge festival at City Hall, and decided to bring to the Boston Center of the Arts Open Studios weekend as well. We asked the public a variety of questions regarding their thoughts and opinions on what their neighborhoods need as well as the gems and resources they cherish. 

Well the results are in, and the public consensus seems to be that we need more free public amenities (e.g., parks ane bike paths), rising rent is really holding multiple neighborhoods back, and there are lots of hidden talents in each of us!  Have a peek below and click through the word clouds for a full list of answers to each question.

Talk to your neighbors, join the conversation on Twitter (@now_and_there) and look for us soon in your neighborhood!

No one knows that I'm really good at _________.

Why aren't there more ________ in my neighborhood?

The hidden gem in my neighborhood is _________.

_________ is really holding my neighborhood back. 

My neighborhood champions are _________.