Learning From Our Communities

We're thrilled to be joining the Boston Arts Commission at Emerge, the Boston Arts Festival this Thursday, September 10. This newly renamed and reimagined festival invites the citizens of Boston to City Hall to experience our shared civic space as one that actively fosters cultural events and community dialogue.

Over 50 combined artists, performers and vendors will be there for one night only to enliven the space and showcase the diversity of Boston's emerging and established art scene. 

Now and There will be hosting a community engagement work simply called "Learning From Our Communities" from 5:30-7:30PM. We'll be there actively listening to what issues (and resources!) you see in your neighborhood and providing the resulting information here on our journal for artists and community activities alike.

Because we think the best community-engaged art comes from listening to our communities.

WHAT: Emerge, Boston Arts Festival
WHEN: Thursday, September 10, 5-10:30PM
Now and There activity 5:30-7:30PM
More information here.