My neighborhood champions are ________.

“Lincoln Arts Project” 

“My Dad” 


“Dorchester Art Projects” 

“Long term residents who know the history and have raised kids there over generations.” 

city life/Vida Urbano 

local business owners” 

mom + pop shops” 

“Jamaica Plain Arts council” 

local business in Jamaica Plain” 

the nice men with snowblowers” 

“Lesley orientation leaders” 

the rabbits” 

my neighbors”  

the penguins” 


the pigeons” 


the girl that dances down the walking path with her headphones on” 

my parents” 

the family I choose” 


people who pick up after dogs” 

the librarians” 

the crazy lady next door” 

small businesses” 


the small businesses who work everyday to make other people’s lives better” 

flower growers” 


my brother and me”