Where's the Art?

In the discussion of place-making and art-in-the-public-realm it often seems like the philosophies and interests of artists are left in the shadows.  We think a lot about this at Now and There and wonder: where's the art? and where are artists when public art is planned? 

We're pulling together artists Cedric DouglasMegan McMillanLiz Nofziger and architect Rob Trumbour ofArtforming to talk about the definitions of public art and what we can do to support more of it in our communities.

We hope you'll join us May 6, 5:30–7pm for Where's the Art? exploring the spectrum of social art practices.

calls for small but meaningful gestures

After a long and trying winter Boston will explode with public art this spring — from the upcoming Janet Echelman installation on the Greenway to small public art project and interventions. The following is a list of calls that we think are perfect for budding artists and those wanting to get involved with issues-based work. All have the potential to be meaningful gestures in the public realm.