Meet Paul

During an invitational interview one unseasonably warm day in the spring of 2015, Paul Ramirez Jonas cycled through the streets of Greater Boston and astutely noted the lack of places for civic dialogue and asked, "Where does everyone in Boston congregate?"

Little did we know then that he was developing the kernel of an idea that has become Public Trust, a project that allows the public to make a promise in the context of other promissory statements made by politicians, scientists, community groups, and even countries—and to do so in very visible way.

Over the course of the past year, we've watched Paul develop and workshop this conceit that we, everyday people, can make things with our words; things like contracts and trust. 

When Paul is not cycling in Boston he can be found in his Brooklyn studio preparing for his upcoming 25-year survey at The Contemporary Art Museum Houston, teaching at Hunter College and watching his daughter grow up too quickly. Learn more about Paul here or watch his October 2016 artist talk

Promises are one of the few things we can do with words. I can say ”I’ll see you tomorrow” and I can make it happen.
— Paul Ramirez Jonas