Golden Home

Golden Home by Lina Maria Giraldo is a community storytelling project exploring how many neighborhoods in Boston are experiencing and coping with gentrification. The project focused on Egleston Square and Hyde Square and sparked community conversations around forced migration and cultural preservation, while highlighting locations that have been affected by the rapid economic development.

Conversations focused on the efforts communities have made over the last 15 years to preserve neighborhood culture during a period of constant change. Questions asked included "How is your community reacting to and integrating newcomers?" and "What is your neighborhood doing to preserve its cultural roots?"

Through these conversations and story sharing sessions, Giraldo created a project that highlights and documents the growing lack of affordable housing in Boston and increased the visibility of people and communities that are being actively displaced by the rapid rise in housing costs.

24 portraits of story-tellers currently hang on the second floor of the Father Jack Roussin Center (3130 Washington St, Roxbury) home to the Egleston Square YMCA and the Greater Egleston Community High School.

Learn more about Golden Home and explore an interactive map with videos and audio stories from Giraldo’s conversations at


About the artist

A Colombian born, Boston-based artist, Lina focuses on Interactive Storytelling towards social change. With a diverse body of work ranging from digital educational tools, public installations, and screen-based computer generated work, she explores the questions of being Latino, the impact of Mankind on our surroundings and the power of collective storytelling. Learn more about Lina here.