Lina Maria Giraldo


A Colombian born, Boston-based artist, Lina focuses on Interactive Storytelling towards social change. With a diverse body of work ranging from digital educational tools, public installations, and screen-based computer generated work, she explores the questions of being Latino, the impact of Mankind on our surroundings and the power of collective storytelling. Over the last 15 years, her work has been focused on creating messages where she depicts the fragility of our environment, community equality and immigration concerns. She likes to think of her work as a visual poem with an educational and civic purpose. One that explores the search for a society that is responsible for its consumption, environment and understands its own communities from within its storytelling. It is a journey of exploration and research for better ways to create spaces of communication by building alongside with the community she works with while exploring different ways of storytelling and new paths of conversation. From her window installations in Poppy Fields through massive digital projections like Rain or collective storytelling using cellphones in City Journalist, Lina explores how art can help understand the challenges of our society.

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