Charla Jones - "Beauty is evidence of life's goodness."

Charla Jones. Photo by Sylvia Stagg-Giuliano.

Charla Jones. Photo by Sylvia Stagg-Giuliano.

Charla Jones is the Founder and CEO of Eu2Be Nourishing Skin Care. Her passion is illuminating the necessity of beauty and wellness in our lives, starting with how we care for our skin. Charla believes our concepts of beauty and self-care are informed and ritualized by what we learn from those who care for us. From her maternal grandmother’s Midwestern speakeasy where blues and jazz greats played for glamorous crowds, to her world-traveling aunt Eugenia for whom Eu2Be is named, Charla draws inspiration from the women who cared for her and the ways that they embraced and used their creativity.  During her successful career in tech marketing, Charla discovered a connection between creativity—what results from focused attention—and beauty, which led her to focus on a skin care philosophy that nurtures and enriches our well-being from the inside out.

What wisdom do you want to pass on to others?
All the things we desire and love have beauty in them. We need beauty to live. We need its awe, its inspiration, its resilience, and validation. Beauty is evidence of life's goodness. So each of us must investigate and cultivate our beauty, within us and around us. This is how we contribute our best to the world.

I feel most powerful when...
I'm creating and collaborating

I am proud of my city when
I experience how we come together on the important things. When I experience our green spaces and the waterfront; when I see how determined we are to be a diverse, innovative city that supports culture, science, and the arts.

I am drawn to art that makes me feel...
Connected, provoked, curious, uncomfortable, joyful or enlightened.

I am interested in stories about...
Life's beauty, grace and mystery in people, places and things.