Public Trust, the documentary

At the human level, we trust each other and we believe everyone is wonderful and everyone’s a good person.

But then as we scale it up, you can see there’s a complete breakdown of trust.

With this piece...I want to understand that.

Why is it that these contracts degrade as we scale them up?
— Paul Ramirez Jonas

We're thrilled to present Public Trust, the documentary by RAVA Films, featuring artist Paul Ramirez Jonas and many of the people behind itincluding participants like you!

Did Public Trust change who you trust? Make you question the value of your word? Question where and when trust breaks down? Can one artist's inquiry into the stickiness of promises change the way we hold each other and our politicians accountable? 

Share your thoughts in the comments here or on social media with the hashtag #PublicTrustBOS! We'd love to hear from you.