N+T at the 2019 Arts Equity Summit

This week we’re partnering with Arts Connect International for the upcoming Arts Equity Summit. The 3-day Summit will kick-off with a community celebration at Hibernian Hall on March 22nd at 6PM, and on Saturday, March 23 we're hosting a panel discussion with Julia Ryan, Darren Cole, Lina Maria Giraldo. and Victor Quiñonez aka Marka27.

Equality is at the core of Now + There’s (N+T) work. Now in our fifth year of producing engaging, thought-provoking public art, N+T centers not only artistic vision but connecting people, transforming spaces, and sparking conversation. Social justice is inherent in what we do.

So we couldn’t be more excited to join Arts Connect International (ACI) as a Community Partner for the upcoming Arts Equity Summit. ACI’s work connecting emerging artists, artists of color, and communities with arts institutions is crucial in developing an inclusive arts ecosystem in Boston.

Arts equity means investing in Boston-based artists and building neighborhood connections. Take, for example, N+T’s Public Art Accelerator program. The Accelerator guides Boston-area artists through a 6-month curriculum and funds their projects with grants up to $25,000. In 2018, seven Accelerator participants — including two black artists and one Latina artist —  produced six projects in neighborhoods spanning Dorchester to East Boston, with an emphasis on community partnership and engagement. In 2019, six more artists will create new, community-focused projects that engage with issues of justice, power, and equality.

Arts equity means prioritizing an intersectional approach to producing and creating public art…READ MORE on the Arts Connect International blog.

For tickets to the arts equity summit and to get more information, CLICK HERE.