Come on in, Friend - celebrate Liz Glynn's "Open House" with Us!

Everyone is welcome at Open House!

We’re thrilled to unveil Now + There’s 2018 season with Liz Glynn's Open House on the Commonwealth Avenue Mall, near Kenmore Square. This opulent yet uncanny installation is a contemporary, sculptural revision of a grand interior, featuring cast concrete recreations of lavish Louis XIV furniture and architecture.

You're invited to Liz Glynn: Open House

Glynn’s juxtaposition of extravagance and utilitarianism invites us to question who has access to space in a society that is increasingly divided along socio-economic lines.

Please join us, the artist, and our partners Public Art Fund and Paula Cooper Gallery for the opening of this magnificent installation on Thursday, July 26 from 5:30-7PM.

And, help us spread the word! Invite friends, family, and fellow exprience-seekers to help build a #PublicArtCity by marking yourself as "Going" to this event on Facebook and inviting others to join you.

Organized for Boston by Now + There, Open House wascommissioned and originally presented in 2017 by Public Art Fund in Central Park, New York in cooperation with the artist and Paula Cooper Gallery.