"Open House" Welcomes More than 10,000 Visitors

The Red Sox season may be officially over (congrats World Champions!) but the best seats in Fenway are open to the public for one more week.

Since July, Liz Glynn: Open House, which closes November 4, has welcomed more than 10,000 people to the Commonwealth Avenue Mall at the center of Kenmore Square. Whether you stumbled upon it or set it as your destination, Open House has turned an overlooked and underutilized park into a space of leisure, reflection, and, of course, great impromptu photo shoots. Below are some of our favorite shots, taken by visitors and shared with the world, spreading the power of public art one <3 at a time.

Passing through.

Past and present.

At play.

At rest.

And in motion.

A little bit romantic.

And a little bit punk.

See it before it’s gone. Open House closes Sunday November 4.