Stephen Hamilton

Stephen is an artist and arts educator living and working in Boston, Massachusetts. Born and raised in Roxbury, Stephen graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and design in 2009 with a focus in illustration. His life’s work aims to address the persistent lack of positive, multi-dimensional representations of African and African diasporan cultural discourses. This deficit is ever present in arts education, commercial and fine arts. He creates and facilitates the creation of art and media that hopes to eradicate the aspects of institutionalized and indoctrinated racism that is still prevalent in our communities at large through an asset-based and collaborative lens.

Stephen’s work focuses on the aesthetics, philosophies and key symbols inherent throughout Africa and the Diaspora. He strives to create a dialogue between contemporary Black cultures and the ancient African world. Through visual comparison of shared philosophies and aesthetics ubiquitous among Black peoples he seeks to describe a complex and varied Black aesthetic. 

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