Laura Boston - "Listen to understand, not to respond."

Laura Boston - Photo by Sylvia Stagg-Giuliano

Laura Boston - Photo by Sylvia Stagg-Giuliano

Laura Boston is a 29 year old teacher, daughter, sister, and friend from Reading, Massachusetts. She currently works as a  Special Education and English as a Second Language teacher at Edward M. Kennedy Academy for Health Careers; this is her seventh year working in Boston Public Schools. Laura’s goal as a teacher is to empower her students to become self-determined learners who believe in their ability to enact positive change in their communities. During her “Strategies for Success.” class, she teaches students about their Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) so that they can be effective self-advocates and play an active role in their educational careers.

Laura received a B.A (English, Education) and an MEd. (Special Education) from Northeastern University.  She has lived in the Boston area for the past 10 years; she currently resides in Inman Square, Somerville.


What are the words you live by?
Work hard and be kind to others.

What wisdom do you want to pass on to others?
Listen to understand, not to respond.

I feel most powerful when...
I have empowered young people to speak their minds and be their truest selves.

If I could change anything in the world it would be…
Make the world more empathetic, curious, and accepting of differences.

I am drawn to art that makes me feel…
Connected to my community and the voices of people who are otherwise ignored.