Cynthia Gunadi and Joel Lamere


Together, Cynthia Gunadi and Joel Lamere founded the Brookline-based architectural practice Gunadi Lamere Design in 2010. As a team, they are preoccupied with architectural craft at all scales, from furniture design to urban strategy, with the conviction that highly crafted design, quality, and longevity are intricately linked. Joel is an Assistant Professor of Architectural Design and Homer A. Burnell Chair at MIT, where he has been teaching courses in architectural geometry, design, and representation since 2007. His research addresses the future of building practice, through innovation in emerging means and methods. Cynthia has led and managed projects ranging in scope and scale from residential renovations to campus design and master planning.  Throughout her architectural career, she has been invested in the possibilities of typological innovation, questions of perception and promenade, and design strategies that allow site and urban scale to inform the architectural.

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