Daniela Rivera


Born in Santiago, Chile, Daniela received her BFA from Pontifcia Universidad Católica de Chile in 1996. She went on to earn an MFA from SMFA/ Tufts University in 2006. She is currently an associate professor of Studio Art at Wellesley College and has directed the program since 2015.  

In 2017 Daniela installed The Andes Inverted solo show at the MFA Boston. The project transformed the architecture of the exhibition space and developed further her mode of approaching painting. This project was transformative and radically affected the way she produces work. For the creation of the project, Daniela conducted a series of interviews that made her travel and engage with a community. Her last solo exhibition, installed in August 2018 at the Davis Museum, Fragmentos para una historia del olvido/ Fragments for a history of displacement, involves interviews as well and close work with the larger community of Latino immigrants to the US. Her museum installations often focus on uncanny spatial and material dislocations. Breaking from the traditional mold of painting, she creates fully environmental and immersive experiences that draw from her personal history. Daniela’s work has also been shown  around the United States and other locations in Latin America.