Together we can bring more art to Boston!

Arts activist? Community member? Big time dreamer? Do you want to see more public art in Boston—and all the good that comes of it—like we do? Then please consider a tax-deductible donation in any amount to support our upcoming project, PUBLIC TRUST with Paul Ramirez Jonas, and future projects.

Public Trust, Now + There's first commissioned project, is a free interactive 21-day project in multiple Boston neighborhoods that questions the meaning of our words and gives you the chance to make a promise in a very public way.

To bring more public art projects like PUBLIC TRUST to Greater Boston, Now + There is asking you to make another kind of promise, a pledge of your financial support. A tax-deductible donation of any amount will help us continue the work we are doing to:

  • give voice to community through thought-provoking temporary public art projects

  • nurture a robust community where artists and communities can share resources and explore trends in public art, both online and in person

  • be a leader in the development of Boston’s public art identity