For N+T 2017 is The Year of the Woman. Our mission in curating and creating work is to champion feminist expressions in the realm of public art by supporting women artists, lifting up community voices, and exploring the power of female resilience and creativity. Since December 2016, we have enthusiastically supported five female artists – most who’d proudly declare themselves feminists – with financial and technical assistance in the early stages of their concepts for complex and large-scale projects. 

Happening Now: Patterned Behavior

Detail Image from Silvia Lopez Chavez' mural depicting a brightly setting sun, a winding road, and graphic swaths of color and arrows

Artist: Silvia López Chavez

Medium: Paint on concrete

Where: Charles River Esplanade -- underpass and walkway west of the Massachusetts Avenue bridge

When: August 2017

Why:  To provide a local artist the creative freedom to re-imagine a utilitarian concrete environment into one that will spark new connections with a bright, striking mural that echoes the beauty, diversity, and energy of The Charles River Esplanade and of Boston.

“The Charles River Esplanade is a place where you can find beauty within an ordinary urban landscape. It is my favorite part of the city, where the bustling human activity fuses with the joy that comes from being by the water. It’s a place where many people and many things intersect and, can connect in meaningful ways. That really speaks to me, since I am always striving to create art that builds connections. "Patterned Behavior" is certainly a reflection of that."

*The piece was comissioned by the Esplanade Association and is being curated and produced by Now + There


Artist: Ann Lewis - in collaboration with residents a local reentry facility for incarcerated women run by Community Resources for Justice.

Medium: Mixed 

Where: 808 Tremont Street, Boston

When: June 2017

Why:  To share stories and experiences from incarcerated women and de-stigmatize their transitions back into their lives and their histories.

“ feels imperative to use our collaborative talents to highlight, honor, and support a community that is often invisible. There are people here and now that are navigating through the often complicated and challenging system. Women, in particular, who are caught up in our correctional systems are often overlooked.”



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