Play in Public Art, 2015

Play in Public Art (July 19, 2015) was a lively outdoors panel with co-sponsors BSA Space and the D Street ArtLab and the artists, architects, and citizens who are making public art happen in Boston. We explored the role of play in three current public art topics – spectacle, site, and architecture – in a fast-paced, round-robin discussion followed by Q&A.

Panelists included Ian Deleón (interdisciplinary artist), Chris Frost (educator and exhibiting ArtLAB artist), Kate Gilbert (D Street ArtLAB curator and Now and There director), Kelly Goff (educator and exhibiting ArtLAB artist), Mary Hale (educator and architect at Shepley Bulfinch), Robert Lobe (exhibiting ArtLAB artist), Amanda Parer (exhibiting ArtLAB artist), Alice Vogler (artist, curator for Time, Body, Space, Objects, part of the Isles Arts Initiative) and Arts Program Manager at Boston Children’s Museum. Moderated by Chris Wangro, Lawn on D Impressario and Artistic Director.

Read our wrap-up complete with panelist quotes on the blog.

Where's the Art?, 2015

Where's the Art? (May 6, 2015) brought together artists, architects, and placemakers who gave examples of their work and discussed the spectrum of practices in public art...and the gaps in between. Held during ArtWeek Boston with co-sponsors NEFA's Fund for the Arts and the Boston Center for the Arts along with other organizations who nurture artists and the artistic practice in Boston.

Presenters included artists Cedric Douglas, Megan McMillan, Liz Nofziger and architect Rob Trumbour of Artforming talking about the definitions of public art and what we can do to support more of it in our communities.

Learn more about the panel in our wrap-up summary and video.

Where's the Art images courtesy of NEFA and Jeffrey Filliault