Nina LaNegra - "Connect, respect, and work together for the common good."

Nina LaNegra

Nina LaNegra

Nina LaNegra brings over two decades of award-winning television, radio and marketing experience to her role as creatrix, producer and host of Art Is Life Itself! (AiLiLIVE). AiLiLIVE is a 3rd Thursday monthly performance series from 7-10pm based at the Haley House Bakery Cafe in Roxbury and founded in 2006.  Art Is Life Itself! embraces food, art, culture & spirituality.  Believing in the art of dialogue, Ms. LaNegra is currently crafting a podcast. Art Is Life Itself can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram .

What are the words you live by?
"Winter Always Turns To Spring" ~Nichiren Daishonin 13thC Japan

What wisdom do you want to pass on to others?
1. Think, it's NOT illegal, Yet! ~ George Clinton, Parliament Funkadelic
2. "Each One, Reach One, Teach One" 1970s Black Americana
3. It is our responsibility to become and stay, lifelong learners ~SheSpeaks

I feel most powerful when...
People are connecting, respecting and working together for common good.

If there was one thing I could change about my neighborhood it would be...
To empower, the uninformed about how to get and maintain control over their neighborhood before it is stolen from them, again...