Tools of Public Trust

What went into making each promise at Public Trust? A promise is a labor of thought, love, intention, and--at Public Trust--conversation. And then there was the 16' x 16' billboard where each promise was displayed alongside the day's headlines, and the tables each participant sat at to create their promise. Over 21 days, in sunshine, occasional rain, and in three locations in Greater Boston, Public Trust was made up of:

1 anenometer to measure wind speeds (the scaffolding could withstand 48 mph sustained winds. That's a hurricane.)
1 golf umbrella
1 popup shade tent
1 rolling stepladder
1 iPad for taking photos and surveys
2 custom-made promise tables
2 piggy banks
2 Jupiter Stones
2 bottles of SPF
2 bean bag chairs for break time
2 suction poles
3 solar panels to charge a battery pack, wifi, and lighting
4 benches
10 bottles of water from the Ganges River
12 graphite sticks
17 personalized white PUBLIC TRUST baseball caps
20 sandbags
25 gigabytes of wifi data
30 amazing volunteers
30 pieces of punctuation
126 gallons of drinking water
130 tiny magnets
168 hours of night security guards
200 gallons (that's 1,668 pounds) of water to weight down the billboard/scaffolding
300 finger lancets for blood oaths
448 square feet of scrim wrapped around the scaffolding
800 screws for the billboard letter tracks
1,130 performance hours
1,400 letters
1,500 red PUBLIC TRUST rubberbands
2,000 postcards
3,200 sheets of Borden &Riley #10 bond paper

Don't just read about it! See Ambassador Graham Yeager's Promise Tools photo series: