Now. There. Let's make some art!

Now and There is bringing together unique artists with unique spaces to create thought-provoking public art in Greater Boston. We're building on our 30-year history as UrbanArts to create temporary and site specific projects for, and with, the community. We're glad you're here!

Public Trust, THe BOOK

Featuring all 955 promises collected and Paul Ramirez Jonas's original script, Public Trust, the book is now available for sale.

We serve artists and the community.



We serve up art that fosters questions and enlivens our communities. Our goal is to be a voice in the conversation about Boston's identity. Who are we as Bostonians? What do we value? And how is all that represented in our public art?  


We put our artists' visions first. We search out artists whose values matches our own and those of our community. We then help them make the best public art they can. And along the way we hope to help advance new definitions of public art.