Friends of Now + There is an exclusive new opportunity to have an impact in public and socially engaged art in Greater Boston!

You have ideas, expertise, and connections, and you're committed to dedicating your energy toward projects and organizations that make a real, positive impact to Boston and its arts community.

Whether you've supported Now + There since it was UrbanArts or you learned about us after seeing a sixteen-foot billboard in Dudley, Kendall, or Copley and spoke to us about Public Trust, our first commissioned artwork that brought close to a thousand participants in Greater Boston, you know that Now + There is also committed to making a positive impact to the arts in Boston. As an organization that collaborates and presents innovative, temporary public art projects that engage our communities, Now + There fills a vital need in Boston to bring to life artworks that promote local artists and engage neighborhoods that are often overlooked.

It's exciting, isn't it? And it's always creative, nimble, and dedicated to serving the people of Greater Boston, on the streets, in parks, outside libraries, on plazas, and places we have yet to discover. Join us in finding new places and ways to bring public art to Greater Boston and become a Friend of Now + There.

In return for a meaningful donation and a little of your time, Now + There is pleased to invite Friends to exclusive events and opportunities to help us develop artworks and make connections with artists and other partners. As Now + There grows and begins developing programming for 2017 and 2018, Friends of Now + There are vital to helping us fulfill our mission. You will have a direct impact on our future, the future of public art in Boston, and you'll also get to meet many of the up and coming artists, curators, and organizers doing work we're excited about.

Friends of Now + There Benefits and Events for 2017

Public Trust book launch
Join us for an exclusive pre-launch dinner with artist Paul Ramirez Jonas and Artist Ambassadors [Graham Yeager, Maria Finkelmeier, Deniz Khateri, and Chanel Thervil]. Take home a copy of the Public Trust commemorative book signed by Ramirez Jonas. (January 2017)

Spring artwork event
In late spring we're launching a TBD project from a local artist. Meet the artist and learn about their process and inspiration. (April 2017)

Retreat with Now + There
Join us on a summer tour of some of our favorite spots for public art in Greater Boston. Joining us will be Cher Knight, professor, public art expert, and panelist at our recent panel Beyond the Bust; JR or Cedric Douglas, stopping by with Inside Out or The Up Truck?, and [a librarian or historian?] (July 2017)

Autumn artwork event
In fall we're launching our second project of 2017. Join us before the project launches for dinner with the artist and join a short talk from them and [someone who has expertise on a similar medium/project]. (October 2017)

Other benefits!

  • USA-made, high-quality Now + There branded tote and water bottle
  • Your name listed as a Friend and supporter of Now + There on our website (and social media if you'd like)
  • Exclusive news and updates just for Friends about arts-related events we're participating in or looking forward to, from panel discussions to gallery openings and more


(Membership of $500 to be paid to Now + There [via check or online?])