A catalyst for change.

Public art has the capacity to change hearts and minds. It motivates you. It affirms you. It can challenge your biases and question the status quo. Ultimately, public art can elevate the economic and social health of our communities and this is why we’re here. Now + There serves artists and the city by creating impactful public art projects that spark change. 

Curating, producing and supporting.

We curate and support temporary and site-specific projects for, and with, the people of Boston. And along the way we hope to help advance new definitions of public art. We're glad you're here and hope you'll join us!


Bringing more voices to the conversation.

We search out artists whose vision highlights, enlivens, and challenges the way we think about ourselves and our city. Who are we as Bostonians? What do we value? And how is all that represented in our public art?