Beyond the Bust

Beyond the Bust

There will always be people, places and events that citizens wish to commemorate. How do we ensure that the process for choosing whom and what to memorialize is equitable? Information on the upcoming “Beyond the Bust: Defining Our Public Monuments” on May 5, 6—8pm co-presenters Big Red & Shiny including panelist information.

Play in Public Art Wrap-Up

What comes to mind when you think about public art in Boston? Boston is a city rich in history, but also in imagination. We’re a mecca for start-ups and people who believe anything is possible. We know how to have fun too! Does our art reflect that?

It's starting to. Whimsical public art is reinvigorating the cities public spaces and gaining national attention: from Höweler + Yoon Architecture’s iconic Swing Time at the Lawn on D, to Janet Echelman’s ethereal sculpture on the Greenway, to Figment’s upcoming Giant Typewriter. As part of our mission to help Boston define its public art identity, Now +There joined forces with theBoston Society of Architects and the D Street ArtLAB at the Lawn on D for "Play in Public Art," a conversation with the artists, architects, and citizens who are making public art happen in Boston.


We're excited to co-sponsor another panel discussion, Play in Public Art, and we're taking the topic very seriously – by holding it outside among a temporary installation of giant rabbits at the Lawn on D!

Please join Now and There with co-sponsors BSA Space and the D Street ArtLab, on July 9, 6–7pm forPlay in Public Art a lively discussion with the artists, architects and citizens who are making public art happen in Boston. We’ll explore the role of play in three current public art topics – spectacle, site, and architecture – in a fast-paced, round robin discussion followed by Q&A.

Valuing the Artist's Vision First

How will artists be part of placemaking and public art in Boston? On May 6, 2015 we hosted the"Where's the Art?" panel at the Boston Center of the Arts to discuss just that. Moderated by our director Kate Gilbert, artists Cedric DouglasMegan McMillanLiz Nofziger, and Rob Trumbour spoke about the definitions of public art and what we can do to support more of it in our communities.

Everyone has a part to play – May 6 panel summary

One of our core values at Now and There is to put artists' visions first. So for Boston's ArtWeek we wanted to host a conversation with artist to talk about the definitions of public art and what we can do to support more of it in our communities.

To explore a wide spectrum of social art practices we pulled together artists Cedric Douglas,Megan McMillanLiz Nofziger and architect Rob Trumbour of Artforming. The event was held at the Boston Center for the Arts on Wednesday, May 6, 2015 from 5:30–7pm and was co-sponsored by NEFA's Fund For the Arts and the Boston Center for the Arts.

Where's the Art?

In the discussion of place-making and art-in-the-public-realm it often seems like the philosophies and interests of artists are left in the shadows.  We think a lot about this at Now and There and wonder: where's the art? and where are artists when public art is planned? 

We're pulling together artists Cedric DouglasMegan McMillanLiz Nofziger and architect Rob Trumbour ofArtforming to talk about the definitions of public art and what we can do to support more of it in our communities.

We hope you'll join us May 6, 5:30–7pm for Where's the Art? exploring the spectrum of social art practices.