UNLESS We Act Together - Join Us December 11

Today we’re announcing our next panel discussion We act together: A panel exploring climate justice through art, policy, and activism.

Join Now + There, UNLESS artist Stephanie Cardon, and Boston Properties on Tuesday December 11 at Boston Architectural College for a conversation with educators, activists, Boston city officials and climate experts for an intersectional conversation about climate change, environmental justice, and an empowering reminder of the agency we each have to create meaningful change.

Topics will include how the power of art can be harnessed to build community and communicate the urgency of the climate crisis, how we can prepare the next generation, how we can hold corporations accountable, and we’ll look at some of the actions developers and the city of Boston are taking today to support climate justice.

If you want to know more about what immediate personal action you can take to support climate justice or how you can join the movement to curb global climate change, join us. Click here for all the details.