Engage, reflect, share. See Her now until October 2018.

It is proclaimed: Ann Lewis’ mural, See Her, is complete! Last week we were honored to have Mayor Marty Walsh and the City of Boston proclaim July 18 See Her Day in recognition of the project, the women who worked to make it a reality, and the vision of Ann and N+T to bring this piece to the city.

Our Wrap Party last week was a stirring neighborhood event that brought together city councilors, South End residents, state legislators, Boston artists, criminal justice reform advocates, and the women of McGrath house along with their families and friends. During a particularly powerful moment, State Senator Sonia Chang Diaz issued a challenge to us to, “push our elected representatives to work for meaningful, lasting change in our criminal justice system before this mural comes down in October 2018.” For all who came to join us and all who supported the party: THANK YOU.

Now that the mural is complete, the weight and power of its purpose can be fully realized. We are proud that this project is helping shine a spotlight on the challenges incarcerated women face. We are proud that it’s commanding the attention of citizens, politicians, advocates, and activists. And we are proud that it’s sparking conversations among the people who see it about what we can do, as a society, to choose to accept and support these women as they reenter our communities.

We’ve also been moved by our collaboration with Community Resources for Justice. We are working with them to find ways to continue to support the women of McGrath House as they search for new jobs during their transitions out of prison. We invite you to get in touch with them to learn more about how you can volunteer or engage with CRJ to support their work. You can also purchase a limited-edition, signed print of the See Her mural image through Now +There and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to CRJ.

If you haven’t seen the mural in person yet, we invite you to stop by, reflect on the work, and share your thoughts with us. Be part of the conversation. What are the choices you’re making to support a future in which all women thrive?

Special thanks to our Lead Sponsor, The Boston Foundation, and The Community Builders for generously supporting the Wrap Party and to our friends at ARC Document Solutions – Boston Office, Boston Center for the Arts, Dudley Cafe, Inner Sanctum and The People's Baptist Church for their in-kind donations.